Calling out all Black Belts

There are over 150 certified Yoga for BJJ Instructors in the world, and some of them are meeting resistance from the gym owners.
It is my duty with the experience I have, to call out the arrogance among black belts in BJJ academies.
I will list the most common criticisms...and pressure tap them all. The first argument:
"That (Yoga for BJJ) is not relevant to BJJ" Please tell me how jumping jacks and running in a circle is relevant to BJJ? Is it relevant to BJJ to improve your proprioception (knowing where your arms and legs are)? Is it relevant to BJJ that you learn how to breathe efficiently? Is it relevant to BJJ that you stretch your limbs to the limit to prevent injuries? Is it relevant to BJJ to have great coordination, and master complex sequences of movements?
The second argument:
"We just do bjj drills to warm up, theres nothing more relevant to BJJ than BJJ!" Did you count how many people came to class today, or did you count how many didn't come that came last time? Why does 90% of your students quit before blue belt? Because BJJ drills are hard for a beginner. They get no sense of accomplishment in the beginning of class, when you say "let's start with something basic, armbar from guard", and they need 10 minutes of you moving their legs and hips around to get it right. Things like that makes people quit forever. And do you really think that an average office rat, with lower back, neck, and shoulder issues, really enjoys not warming up, and just jump straight into drilling?
Your black belt might like that, because you have normalized pain, and you can tough it out until you are warm, but is that approach optimal for your student? Over 80% of full time BJJ athletes report chronic severe lower back pain. What is your strategy to combat this, Mr. Black Belt? None? Hmm..
You are experienced in BJJ, and have learned to cope with the pain and injuries accumulated over the years, but were you that stiff when you started with BJJ?
You were probably more flexible and agile, and it helped your development more than you can remember or give it credit. This is not Brazil, where you moved and surfed all day, and are nimble and loose from the awesome weather. You need a proper warmup to do BJJ in a temperate climate. A proper warmup is not running in circles for 10 minutes, or drilling armbars. A proper warmup is at least 20 minutes of purposeful and mindful movement. Are you going to let your ego get in the way of progress? Are you stuck in your ways, and the way you did things in copacabana back in the 90's? Yoga for BJJ is the best possible warmup for BJJ, until proven otherwise.


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