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Evolution of the Yoga for BJJ Teacher Training

“We will never do Yoga for BJJ Teacher Training”
However, the demand for Teacher Training only grew stronger as more members of the YFBJJ (Yoga For BJJ) community experienced the benefits of what this program has done for them. The expectation was achieved of improving flexibility and mobility, however there were some unexpected benefits that came with the package too. 
Injury prevention. 
So often in Jiu-Jitsu muscles and ligaments are consistently overused. The repetitive movements wrestling and even drilling demands. This provides opportunity for injury (yes, even too much of a good thing can cause injuries). YFBJJ balances out that overuse through stretching programs. No emotional chakras or hand flailing, just good old fashioned stretching and Sebastian telling you through the screen: “Toughen up. It’s just stretching”, and deep inside your soul you're ashamed the stretching is so hard, and the child inside you agrees with Sebastian and you continue stretching because you’ll nev…

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