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Calling out all Black Belts

There are over 150 certified Yoga for BJJ Instructors in the world, and some of them are meeting resistance from the gym owners. It is my duty with the experience I have, to call out the arrogance among black belts in BJJ academies. I will list the most common criticisms...and pressure tap them all. The first argument: "That (Yoga for BJJ) is not relevant to BJJ" Please tell me how jumping jacks and running in a circle is relevant to BJJ? Is it relevant to BJJ to improve your proprioception (knowing where your arms and legs are)? Is it relevant to BJJ that you learn how to breathe efficiently? Is it relevant to BJJ that you stretch your limbs to the limit to prevent injuries? Is it relevant to BJJ to have great coordination, and master complex sequences of movements?
The secondargument: "We just do bjj drills to warm up, theres nothing more relevant to BJJ than BJJ!" Did you count how many people came to class today, or did you count how many didn't come th…

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