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Building consistency and Balance In Your Training

You need to be able to train regularly enough to retain what you have learned, practice it, and keep on progressing. I'm sure that when you have practised consistently for a few weeks you will feel sharper, quicker and more technical than ever. Think about one of your training partners that at one point really started to level up their jiu-jitsu game. Now think about how often you saw them on the mats, or how much attention and focus they were putting into their training at the time. They weren't born good at jiu-jitsu and none of us were.  They worked hard, looked after their body and persisted with their training. You can do that too! It is imperative to build consistency and then (just as importantly) hold yourself accountable in your training plan. To achieve this, you must build a realistic and balanced training schedule, which incorporates periods of rest and recovery. Then, you need to ensure it works for  you . We all have other responsibilities which we need to conside

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