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Becoming a Yoga For BJJ Instructor During Covid?

Yoga For BJJ Instructor  Hi I’m Sam Binet and this is my story about the course for the level 1 instructor for yoga for BJJ that I completed this summer.  It pretty much starts like with everyone else on the course. At the end of last year, I was looking forward to the instructor course in March which was been held in London in person.  Then the pandemic hit, lockdown came and suddenly I was out of work and being furloughed. Fortunately I was studying and practicing for my course and my head coach Darius Kumana suggested if I would be up to doing an online course from Zoom which I agreed with. I am so glad I did because Sarah got in contact with me to let me know that there would be an online course for yoga for BJJ and suddenly I had a purpose to  get up early in the morning and to do something whilst been furloughed.  So, with the course and the homework to follow I started to have a lot of fun with it. This was because of the videos of the class of the warmup and full classes, as we

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