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How does yoga help BJJ performance?

How does yoga help BJJ performance? Jiu-Jitsu can help with BJJ performance in a number of ways, today we will specifically talk about: Injury prevention, flexibility, breathing and focus.  Injury Prevention: Yoga can help with injury prevention by stretching the muscles that need it, and strengthening areas of the body that are commonly weak (and therefore more prone to injury). Jiu-Jitsu loves to make those hips tight, and to prey on lower backs (or backs in general). It's important to respect how hard Jiu-Jitsu can be on the body, and how important maintenance work is to keep the body strong and injury free.  Yoga brings balance to the right and left side of the body, in contrast to Jiu-Jitsu where we may favour one side of the body for certain techniques than the other (or life, where we may favour the right hand over the left creating a chain reaction affecting the entire body). This is why in yoga practice we work through both left and right side equally (but don't expect

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