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Yoga Academy Teacher Trainings

 Yoga Academy Teacher Trainings... If you are wondering if you should become a yoga instructor (whether it is a Yoga For BJJ Instructor or an official Yoga Instructor) that is a good question.   If you are reading this blog post wondering about the above question...Then answer is more than likely ' YES !'.  Why is that?  Perhaps you are wanting to deepen your own knowledge and practice, learn something new, maybe even teach and help others - giving back to your community through yoga. Often I hear of people who miss out on amazing opportunities because they don't know if they are ' ready '.  A great metaphor for this is: someone who does not go to gym because they need to ' get into shape first '. The purpose of the gym is to get them into shape.  Seems a little ridiculous, doesn't it? Missing the entire point - that the purpose of the gym is to get them into shape. Therefore, they missed out on the goal of getting into shape, feeling better emotionally

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