Become a Yoga Instructor

What is a 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training? Think of this as your "bachelors degree" in the instruction of yoga. For people who have who who have been practicing for years and feel ready to teach or yoga students who want to take their yoga practice to the next level.

Whatever your reasons for signing up for a 200-hour training, you will devote 200 hours to intensive study of yoga, its philosophy and history, yoga terms ,and the anatomy and physiology required to teach yoga safely and effectively.

That's why we created a Yoga Vacation Education Immersion.

The focus will not be on burying our nose in books, or memorizing trivial information. Instead, you will learn by doing, by asking questions, and most importantly, immediately apply your lessons into your practice, even on the same day! The heart of this method is that you will become a confident instructor who has the ability to create experiences for your students that few instructors can. 

This education-yoga immersion is for people who are simplistic, practical and pragmatic, who are looking for real life experience, and concrete ways to implement the theory in practice with as little fuss as possible. 

Throughout the course, your body-mind-soul will feel so complete that you will want to share this feeling with everyone. From the energetic morning flows to the restorative evening practices and all the learning in between. 

Whether you are considering this course for your own self-development or to begin on a new career path teaching others - one thing is certain: An investment like this in yourself is never wasted.


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