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Back Pain from BJJ

It's not just you, it's everyone.

It is very common for the lower back to hurt from BJJ. Why is this? Think of the stress your back goes under during training: spinal twists, stacking, hyper extension during back mount - the list goes on! No wonder the back hurts. 

How can side stretches can help with lower back pain?

Back Pain from BJJ

The ‘QL’ is found in your lower back, between the top of your pelvis and your lowest rib. The QL supports good posture and helps stabilize the spine. Through lots of wrestling or even sitting all day the QL can contribute to lower back pain and stiffness.

Side stretches will help with this! You can stretch the side body with a seated straddle, side stretches on your knees, cross legged, or even standing!

Try a side stretch on your own, or jump onto and search: side stretc

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