Ways to improve your BJJ

Ways to improve your BJJ

Understand that: Worst students are often the best. What does this even mean?

ways to improve your bjj

In today's culture, it seems people are valued who succeed (especially if they do so effortlessly). 

I always notice those individuals who are quick learners and able to master new Jiu Jitsu techniques by watching them only once. The same person is athletic and makes the complicated and tangled techniques look easy (after watching it only once). Then  I wrestle them and get tapped 7 times before the bell finally goes and I am glad to be sweating so profusely my training partners can’t tell the difference between my tear drops and sweat drops. 

I high five,  “good roll” as I secretly wonder why I willingly hurt my pride so much after trying so hard.

Why is this person so good?

Jiu Jitsu seems to come so easily and naturally to them.

I secretly hate them. 

Ok. Maybe I am slightly dramatic. But there is a light at the end of the tunnel. 

The goal should not be excellence, but rather patient perseverance. Most people want to be good at something right away (it’s human nature). However, what if the aim was to show up to Jiu Jitsu and train without worrying about how difficult or effortless the practice is? To focus on the process (we’ve all heard that one). 

But as a result of this: The worst students are often the best. Since these students must overcome much greater adversity, they often undergo intensive practice, cultivating skilled, disciplined minds.

People that have tremendous talent might start off as a great success. But later, they may reach a point where their progress plateaus. To overcome this they would need to invest a great deal of effort, discipline, endurance, and grit. But because they have not practiced doing so, they may just give up. 

On the other hand, people who struggle initially to learn to deal with and overcome such difficulty. 

This mindset teaches that failure can become success, and success can become failure.  

So keep showing up, keep training, keep working hard. You might surprise yourself with what you are capable of accomplishing in the long run.

Written by Sarah over a good cup of coffee. 

Concept taken from the book: Zen Mind, Beginner's Mind. This is a recommended reading in our Yoga For BJJ Instructors Course Level 1- Click here for free instructor intro kit


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