Sore after BJJ?

 Sore after BJJ?

Join the club. 

So many people suffer from low back pain, stiff necks, hips and many more commons pains that are associated with BJJ. 

Does it have to be this way? No. It doesn't. 

The secret? Yoga. 

Why does yoga help? Great question. 

Movement is medicine when you are really sore. Gentle movement of yoga brings blood flow to the muscles, and the nutrients in blood help reduce inflammation, pain, lactic acid, and aid in recovery. 

During Jiu Jitsu training our body is put into into positions it is not accustomed to (the joke is 'involuntary yoga' as we are folded in half against our will). This, (among other elements of training) can make the major muscles sore on a daily basis (such as lower back, neck area, shoulders, knees, and those muscles you didn't even know you have!). Yoga helps flexibility (making these awkward positions much less awkward), helps recovery, and prevents injury.

This is all so important because when we are training we are enjoying the moment, and often don't think the effect Jiu Jitsu will have on our bodies in ten years. Just like a vehicle needs oil changes as maintenance, so the body needs yoga as maintenance (yes, I basically just called yoga 'oil'!) 

If your sore after training, it can mean a number of different things, one of which is probably your body needs a light yoga session to get that blood flowing. 

With benefits as simple as this, why not try it?

Here is a quick 10 minute flow for you to try:

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